XMC® Data Router

Enable smart machine data collection, filtering and integrations with enterprise and cloud software systems to maximize visibility and insights across your operation.

Put XMC® Data Router to work.

  1. Raw data enters the XMC® platform through the machine tool, plus anybarcoders, sensors, or other sources you may utilize. Usually, no additional hardware is required.
  2. Event-based data flows to multiple upstream systems (including XMCweb®) through the XMC®datarouter, creating common event data from machine-specific data sources.
  3. XMCweb® analyzes and visualizes your data and presents it in useful,easily digestible formats

Business Benefits

  • Capture and route machine performance data to factory apps and enterprise solutions.
  • Gain Big Data insights to machine operations and health.

Technical Benefits

  • Flexible configurations using pre-built or custom data sources, data processing modules and enterprise connectors.
  • Custom business logic transforms machine data into actionable events, metrics and information.

Leverage the power of XMC, no matter the size of your operation. 

XMC Architecture

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