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If your operation produces large, complex parts that can’t be delivered using conventional machines, we can help.

Specialized Solutions for Elite Operations

We proactively source the very best brands of large-scale machine tools, so you can trust that Innovative Equipment Solutions will always deliver a cutting-edge product that is configured to meet your needs. And our team is actively pursuing what’s on the horizon to bring you the latest manufacturing solutions.


Modig specializes in high-velocity machining centers, having pioneered the world’s first ones in the late 1980s. Modig continues to drive innovation in machine tools today and is celebrated as one of the world’s leading companies in premium performance machining centers.


Founded in 1957, Geminis is the world leader in large-scale horizontal and multi-process lathe technology.


Loxin designs and manufactures high technology machine solutions for industries in which higher technological capabilities are required (in terms of stiffness, accuracy, speed and flexibility), such as the aeronautical industry

Loxin’s products are primarily based on a proprietary robotic technology (“Tricept”), i.e. modular robots designed on hybrid parallel kinematics technology that include 5 (or 6) axes controlled by a digital control. This technology enables extremely versatile machining modules of high stiffness and flexibility combined with excellent accuracy and repeatability features. Loxin also provides solutions based on third parties robot technology.


Soraluce’s success is based on excellent quality, stellar service, its own cutting-edge and differentiated technology and a marked international character. As a brand distinguished by its great reliability and high performance, Soraluce develops innovative solutions committed to the technological progress of its clients, responding to the most demanding machining challenges with efficiency and high levels of productivity, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning.


Momentum prides itself on tailoring the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of each customer. An American-owned company, Momentum delivers custom configurations across a robust offering in vertical lathes and flatbed lathes with speed to market and value unmatched by other builders.

Our Product Line

XMC Machine Platform

Keep your shop connected with our universal machine communications platform. 

XMC Data Router

Enhance connectivity and visibility with our smart machine data collection, filtering and integrations. 


Maintain real-time insights for optimal performance with our intelligently-designed, turnkey machine monitoring solution.

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