Caron Engineering Integrator

Advanced sensor and monitoring technology specifically for the machine tool industry to achieve optimal performance, productivity and profitability.

The Perfect Complement to Your CNC

Innovative Equipment Solutions is proud to be your local authorized Caron Engineering Integrator. IES is a factory certified and authorized Caron Engineering Integrator that’s licensed to sell and install their full suite of products. Take your productivity to the next level today!

Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control

  • Monitors true motor power, vibration or strain to determine if a tool is worn or broken
  • Optimizes cutting and adapts to varying material conditions
  • Reduced cycle time; typical cycle time savings of 20-60%
  • Prevents tool breakage and lowers scrap rate
  • Lowers the cost of consumable tooling
  • Monitors multiple processes and channels simultaneously
  • Access TMAC anytime, anywhere, and from any device, with the web-based interface

DTect IT

Machine Health Monitoring

  • Detects machine irregularities using sensors for vibration, strain,  power, and analog (for connecting any sensor with a0 to ±10 VDC analog signal)
  • Runs  standalone or  integrates with the CNC control
  • Easily detects excessive bar feeder vibration (i.e. bent bar)

TOOL Connect

Tool Identification Using RFID

  • Automates the transfer of tool presetter data to the machine control using RFID tags in  tool holders
  • Configurable for an existing Tool ID format or any custom designed format
  • Reduces setup time and eliminates human error


Error-Free Tool Offset Control

  • Processes gauge data from any electronic gauging device
  • Automatically updates tool offsets to the CNC control
  • Eliminates operator data entry errors, and notifies the operator when a tool change is needed

Smart Light

Machine Status Identification

  • Provides easy assessment of a part’s progress on a CNC program
  • 1000 available modes, audible alarm, six (6) standard color options, plus one (1) user defined color
  • User can set indicators for any machine status

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